2018 Tournament Schedule

Printable Schedule

Date Team A Team B Location Time / Result
Friday, 3/2 LaGrange Pace Granger 12:00
Friday, 3/2 Buford Florence LaGrange College 12:00
Friday, 3/2 First Academy Johns Creek Granger 2:30
Friday, 3/2 Brookwood Venice LaGrange College 2:30
Friday, 3/2 First Academy Pace Granger 5:00
Friday, 3/2 Buford Venice LaGrange College 5:00
Friday, 3/2 LaGrange Johns Creek Granger 7:30
Friday, 3/2 Brookwood Florence LaGrange College 7:30
Saturday, 3/3 LaGrange First Academy Granger 10:00
Saturday, 3/3 Pace Johns Creek LaGrange College 10:00
Saturday, 3/3 Brookwood Buford Granger 12:30
Saturday, 3/3 Florence Venice LaGrange College 12:30
Saturday, 3/3 Venice LaGrange Granger 4:00
Saturday, 3/3 Florence First Academy LaGrange College 4:00
Saturday, 3/3 Johns Creek Buford Granger 7:00
Saturday, 3/3 Brookwood Pace LaGrange College 7:00

** LaGrange High will play its place game at Granger Park. Therefore, the place games sites may change (Host Perk). We do this so that our many workers can see their children play.

*** The Awards Breakfast will be at 8:00AM on Sunday, March 4th. Preferred dress is khaki pants or jeans with a collared shirt. Auburn University Head Coach Butch Thompson is scheduled to speak. Attendance at the Awards Breakfast is mandatory.


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